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Ladies and gentlemen!

In the last journal we've asked about contests and collabs, and had some feedback about the holiday activities. We had Christmas collab, Halloween collab, and now it's time for something new. Therefore, we're making a long start on the New Year collaboration.

The rules of this collab are still simple.

:bulletwhite: You do not have to be a member of this group to participate.
:bulletwhite: First of all, choose one of your original characters. If you don’t have any, but still willing to participate, just make one, or imagine for one-shot. All your character has to do, is to have a name and an appearance.
:bulletwhite: Second of all, dress him, her or it into the steampunk costume. It is great if your character is originally a steampunk one, a robot or other being. If he, she or it isn’t – it’s time to dress up! Remember, the group accepts all of the steampunk sub-genres (dieselpunk, fantasypunk, etc.), this particular collaboration accepts all sub-genres as well.
:bulletwhite: Third, since the next year is a year of goat/ram, ass one on your picture. That might be a knitted sweater with a goat, a ram toy, sheep-alike Christmas tree toy, etc.
:bulletwhite: Make him, her or it pose for you.
:bulletwhite: Draw!

In the end, all of our entries would be put onto one big drawing, creating a group picture that is going to be featured on out front page.

Additional guidance:

:bulletwhite: The entry can be any form of visual media.
:bulletwhite: It has to be at least 900px high or wide.
:bulletwhite: I has to have transparent background.
:bulletwhite: The character must be full-bodied.
:bulletwhite: If you’re making shading, please, try to make it as if the light was coming from the above right corner (so if the char is facing you, the light is above their left shoulder).
:bulletwhite: Send a note to the group with your artwork and the name of your character (for credits). Of course, you can download it on deviantART, Tumblr, Stash, Facebook, etc..
:bulletwhite: Send your entries until December, 29.

For digital drawings and paintings:

:bulletwhite: Making transparent background with digital works is simple. If you don’t know how, check out this tutorial for Photoshop, this tutorial for Paint Tool SAI, this tutorial for GIMP.
:bulletwhite: Keep it in *png.

For photomanipulations:

:bulletwhite: It should have a transparent background, so you won’t have to do a background. However, try your best to crop the photos you’re manipulating.
:bulletwhite: Keep it in *png.

For traditional drawings and paintings:

:bulletwhite: If you don’t know how to make a transparent background to your traditional work, check out this tutorial.
:bulletwhite: Keep it in *png.

For photos:

:bulletwhite: If you don’t know how to make a transparent background to your photos, check out this tutorial.
:bulletwhite: Keep it in *png.

If you have any questions, please, ask.


If you'd like your contest or other activity to be advertised up there *points up* just note the group. And we'd appreciate, but never demand you do the same.
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Group Info

A place for all steampunk lovers of the world to unite!!!
Founded 5 Years ago
Jun 22, 2010


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3,732 Members
3,842 Watchers
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You're now being in a group dedicated to the incredible world of steampunk, and here be the few words about the group.

:bulletorange: If you want to join click the 'Join our group' button and wait until the request will be approved. Please, write a few words why you're joining the group, we'd like to know more about our members ;)

:bulletorange: This group is about any type of steampunk: historical steampunk, fantasy steampunk, dieselpunk, stonepunk, sandalpunk, clockpunk, retro-futurism, etcetera, etcetera.

:bulletorange: We have a lot of folders right here. It's made for easier browsing within the group. We have a blog entry where you can find some tips about what to submit to the group galleries; the short one is below.

:bulletorange: Submit your work to the right folders, and if it was declined don't be shy to ask why, and we'll explain it.

:bulletorange: We don't have a big quality-control here - any member can submit art, but, please, try to avoid pen drawing on lined paper, and try to submit your best works!

What we put in 'Cosplay' folder:
Day 140 - The Plague by MonsterBrand Victorian Steam by LahmatTea Dera - April 21.13 - 02 by fragilemuse-org

What we put in 'Costumes and accessories' folder:
:thumb391582731: :thumb385412803: Long Steampunk Clutch by izasartshop

What we put in 'Gadgets and Weapons' folder:
Narcoparalytic Induction Pistol by Grumbleputty Pendulum by AlladdinSE Splicer Talon by AetherAnvil

What we put in 'Sceneries and still life' folder:
Victorian? Desk by VictorianSpectre:thumb358753757: Cold metal gears. by redcatmoonlight

What we put in 'Sculpture' folder:
Steampunk Owl Cake by ArteDiAmore Custom Horselington Vinyl Toy by DeeTen Steampunk Scorpion sculpture by clemcrea

What we put in 'Jewelry' folder:
Pagan Fantasy Clock Brooch by automatonaliza Clockwork Bracelet by IAmPickledTink Arya by PrincessSongBird

What we put in 'Photomanipulations' folder:
All The Night-Tide by EldritchEventide Reach by Kadinskies Trophy third prize Paul Harland Award by taisteng

What we put in 'Art - characters' folder:
Circus Diva by KachinadollTo The Stars And Back by Kirana Steampunk Cat by davi-escorsin

What we put in 'Art - engines' folder:
Rabbit and Jenny by CodiBear Steampunk Clockwork Cat by EpHyGeNiA Airship by Afireonthesnow

What we put in 'Art - sceneries' folder:
Inventor's Inquiries by Kaizoku501 Theme 1: Introduction by kevintheradioguy Sea Horses 1 by malarkyarts

What we put in 'Covers' folder:
The Iron Conqueror Back Cover by Kachinadoll The Timepiece Doll: Chapter 3 by Tennessee11741 8 Essential Dieselpunk Movies by marcobrunez

What we put in 'Literature - poetry' folder:
Tick-Tock, Clock!Tick-tock now, hurry up and go!
The gears of this clocksmith don’t grind themselves you know.
Is your beat good? How are your hands?
Are in proper shape? I don’t like relying on the hourglass sand.
You’re in good shape, very nice.
I’ll set you to ring out in the afternoon, have you call thrice.
Ah, how beautiful you look!
So smooth and golden, you look like just the one in the book.
I could hold you all day and admire your feats.
I could place you by my head and listen to your ticking heart beats.
Such magnificent work I have made of you.
It’s good that I am a patient one, and there’s still much more to do.
I must zoom in on you to check for anything that could harm you.
Not to mention the engraving I need to give too.
Tick-tock, you say.
You talk in rhythm, my dear, poetry I say!
There, that should do for now.
Let’s test you out, no failures I will allow.
Hmm, you seem to be in perfect shape. Yes, you are fine.
Oh, your brother ticks, saying t
Mechanical love
The Engineer curses.
Cups are knocked over.
Screws and gears scatter wildly.
Wine spills, drips on the floorboards.
A precious glass vial is just barely caught.
His assistant is cowering under the table, hiding.
Hurtling hunk of metal comes straight for him, he squeaks.
Assistant tries to dodge, forgets where he is and hits his head.
The Engineer gets a heavy wrench, hefts it, swings it threateningly.
He is not fast enough, every swing just hits air, making him dance around.
It is a silly dance, all flailing arms and stumbling steps, twirling in dizzy circles.
The assisistant comes out to help, gets nearly hit, is drawn into the dance himself.
"Stay behind me." the Engineer orders, pulling him to safety, out of the flying objects way.
Mechanical hearts all aflutter bumble around the room, bumping into furniture, emptying the shelves.
"Love is in the air~" the radio sings.

What we put in 'Literature - prose' folder:
Turnkey, Chapter One: Pocket and Dandy
The Gaslight Volumes of Will Pocket: Turnkey
DeviantArt Preview

by Christopher Dunkle with Lori Williams
For more excerpts and info, please visit
Copyright 2013 Christopher Dunkle

Chapter One: Pocket and Dandy
October 1, 1888
“You ever fall in love with the end of the world, Mister Alan?”
“That more of your poetry, Pocket?”
“Not this time, I'm afraid.”
“Because it's getting a little late for poetry.”
“Then don't worry.”
“I won't.”
“All right. I'll bite.”
“It's a long story.”
“You finish your drink?”
“Wait...yeah. Done.”
“Then go ahead and talk. Your tab's due.”
“Normal price?”
“Normal price. A story for a round. But tell it good, Pocket. Lots of flash and pop and romance. Give me my beer's worth.”
“The beer was a little watery
The Lone Wanderer 1
    Chapter 1: The Iron Baron
    The morning sky of deep reds and oranges cast long shadows along the fields that extended into the horizon. Unus Solum's ring shined purple, arcing across the sky, as far as the eye could see. I walked slowly across the porch of my family home, selecting each step with care, aiming to make as little noise as possible. I picked up my bike, which was leaning against the far end of the deck, and retraced my path back to the steps which led down to the walkway. I placed the bike on the ground, fixed my backpacks straps, stepped on the bike, and kicked off. My heart raced, the handlebars became loose under my sweaty hands. I wobbled along the dirt walkway onto the equally uncomfortable road.
I was actually doing it. I fought looking back at my childhood home, out of fear that I would lose my courage if I saw it. I blocked out the thoughts of home, both good and bad, and focused on moving forward. I gained speed, exploding down the road. A smile made its way

What we put in 'Stock' folder:
Small glass bottle PNG by raduluchian Gun 2 by MissSouls-stock

What we put in 'Misc' folder:
New Character by KrissiIstSoCool Magnifier Widget and Icons by yereverluvinuncleber The Spine by Sophi-Ann--Maji


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